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Subject: [IP] gymnastics - To Nancy

Hi Nita,

At first, we were hoping that Jenna could just bolus before gym and take off
the pump.  Unfortunately, she's one of those kids whose sugars rise with
exercise, only to drop later, so that didn't work out.  She really needs the
insulin.  Jenna's classes are for 3 hours - really longer than a bolus would
last, and she doesn't like reconnecting to rebolus.  What  do Jess's sugars
do with exercise?  And how long is her class?  So, my first thought is just
to bolus and disconnect.

But, where there's a will, there's a way.  Jenna has found that the best
place for her pump is on the side / top of a leotard - that way, it doesn't
hit the bar when she's doing bar skills, and she doesn't roll on it when
doing things like back rolls on the floor.  I get a little piece of stretch
material from a fabric store (I like the stuff they sell to make swimsuits
out of the best), cut it into a 4" by 6" square.   Then I stitch a 1" wide
piece of elastic across the top, to give the top strength, but still be
stretchy.  Then I lay the piece of fabric over the side seam of the leotard,
about 1 " down from the armhole, and stitch the sides and bottom of the
pocket to the leotard.  Not any complicated sewing, I just sew it down - and
since it's on the inside of the leotard, who cares if the seams are pretty
and finished?

Jenna even has "left sided" leotards and "right sided" leotards, so that the
tubing doesn't have to cross her body to whichever side the pump is on (she
doesn't like that feeling).   And, I'm pleased to say that the pump has
never, ever given her problems in gym.

Glad Jessica is enjoying gym.


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