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[IP] Re: Injecting through Silhouettes

Denise, I guess I don't understand why you would want to inject into the
port, even assuming your spontaneity took charge for a moment :-)  Since
you are on a pump, why not just bolus for whatever you indulged in?  You're
already hooked up.  I might inject if the site is getting old, but then I
would want to use a different,fresh, site.   No aiming necessary with a
little needle.  I too have been dealing with the big D for over 40 years,
but fortunately have few complications.  Good luck on your upcoming eye
 I have no idea how Sara manages to aim properly, but based on the accuracy
of her verbal barbs, I'm sure she is a crack shot :-)    I tried to have
lunch with her when I was in New York recently, but when she heard I was
coming north she went and took a flight off to California.

<<<<<<<< Occasionally I would like to eat
a high glycemic food on impulse (remember spontaneity is not part of a 60
year old 45 years diabetic person) hence the question re using the port on
the Silhouette.  I wonder how Sarah manages to aim at the port properly
given her visual problems.  I too have bleeds in my oft lasered left eye and
the need for a vitrectomy will be determined next Friday.   My right eye is
stable so far, but I do find it more difficult to "aim" properly.   Many
thanks for your input.
Denise Guerin
Type 1 45 years>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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