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[IP] Ketone Question

Well today we have experienced a first.  Taylor (9) woke up this morning and
told me he hadn't slept very well.  He said he was up every 2 hours but did
not have to go to the bathroom so did not think to check his blood sugar.
He checked this morning and was 393.  This is not unusual at this time as we
are still slave to U,H,N on MDI.  Hopefully soon we will be pumping.  Anyway
I had him check for ketones, and what do you know but he had moderate
ketones.  Now this is a first for us.  He was dx 3-99 and has never had
ketones before.  I gave him insulin to bring him down, told him to drink a
lot of fluids, and he has to check for ketones in school.  He insists on
going to school, but I also told him that he can't play at recess, or gym
class until the ketones are totally gone.  I have also written a letter to
his teacher stating the same thing.  I would have insisted on keeping him
home, at least in the morning, but I have a meeting that I can't miss today.
I guess I am just venting, but any other knowledge passed along would be


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