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[IP] Reactive hyperglycemia

> Reactive hyperglycemia is also known as the rebound effect or the Somogyii
> effect.  It means high blood sugars that follow hypoglycemia, but are not
> due to overtreatment.
>    Your liver stores glucose in the form of glycogen to use as emergency
> in fight or flight situations.  When your blood sugar goes quite low some
> counterregulatory hormones stimulate the liver to start converting the
> glycogen back into glucose and send it into your bloodstream.  Without
> insulin to make this glucose available to the cells the blood sugar
> becomes elevated.
>     Note that many well-respected medical professionals do not believe
> this happens at all.  My impression is that most T1 diabetics are quite
> sure it does.

I began pumping 8/23/83 and heard of the Symogi Effect long before CIIP
therapy. At the time, I was told Dr. Symogi figured out when a person has
high BGs, more insulin will be injected (by shot then) to bring it down,
therefore causing a hypo, therefore overeating causing high BG, therefore
more insulin, causing more hypos, therefore etc. etc.  That being the Symogi
effect. There was no mention of a *natural* occurence. It is induced by the
aforementioned. I have been wrong on other occasions. It just surpises me
that he found this out through injections before pumps were being used.
Perhaps reactive hyperglycemia is not the same thing as the Symogi Effect.

Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50) temporary addy email @ redacted

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