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[IP] Re: Injecting through Silhouettes

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> Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 08:44:47 -0400
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] Injecting through Silhouettes
> Denise, as you know, whatever Sara wants, Sara gets. But while one can
> certainly do that, I think
> you'll find it better to just take a poke with a needle.  For several
> reasons:  1.  The insulin goes into a fresh site, and I find that this
> always gets absorbed noticeably faster.  2.  depending on where the Sil is
> located it's not always easy to find the place to stick the neeedle.  3.
> The currently available 30g short insulin syringes hurt as much as a
> mosquito bite--indeed compared to a Silhouette, the needle is  hard to
> see:-)
> - -wayne
> <<<<<<<<<Denise wrote:
> > inserting syringe or pen needle into the opening of the
> >  disconnect cover and pushing the needle through the cannula.
> > Has anyone ever done that?
> I do that... i pump regular old insulin for the most part, but when I need
> inject some H for a quick fix, I will inject it through the canula as
> well...WHY would I WANT to poke another hole in  my body if I don't need
> to...LOL...Of course, you hve to remember, that the first .5 - .8 units of
> the injection is regular old regular - you have to push the humalog
> pushes the regular that is in there into you...and then fills the canula
> with H...get it?    by the way, in case any of you H purists are
> I use Regular
> Velosulin rather than H, aka "rocket fuel" because it is MUCH more
> predictable, stable and user friendly, in my personal opinion.  I have a
> quick response to regular insulin and like the post prandial reaction..
> it is much cheaper than Velosulin AND it isn't as heat sensitive AND my
> can last up to 5 days, where as a lot of IPers report shortened site life
> when they use Humalog...so...why mess with a good thing?
> Sara>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Actually, I appreciate both your input and Sarah's.    I tend to be too
timid about trying things on my own and reading Sarah's posts always add the
"light" touch I need to approach a situation in a more relaxed mode.  I
rarely use Humalog  precisely because it acts too fast before meals.  I do
use it if my bg is very high due to
a bad site and then I inject via syringe.   Occasionally I would like to eat
a high glycemic food on impulse (remember spontaneity is not part of a 60
year old 45 years diabetic person) hence the question re using the port on
the Silhouette.  I wonder how Sarah manages to aim at the port properly
given her visual problems.  I too have bleeds in my oft lasered left eye and
the need for a vitrectomy will be determined next Friday.   My right eye is
stable so far, but I do find it more difficult to "aim" properly.   Many
thanks for your input.
Denise Guerin
Type 1 45 years

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