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[IP] Pumping Giving Parents Back Control

This parent has a few words to say to a parent considering pump therapy for 
their child!
After a child is dxd w/ D - Insulin Peaks start to control children and 
This parent is back in control of her child and nph is no longer in control 
of my son.
Homework:  Pre-Pump I had to give control over to nph peaks when Kap did his 
homework, because we were either fighting high or treating lows.  Or testing 
bgs to catch a low with Math.  The nights homework went to the wayside due to 
recovering from a low low bgs or not being able to concentrate w/ high bgs is 
over with. It is not a nightly thing any longer!
Bedtime:  Kap would have to stay up to eat that bedtime snack in order to 
prevent that low that would be sure to follow the weird nph peaks.  Or he was 
woke up to get an injection due to high bgs.
After School Playing/Work - No longer do I as a parent feel the need to push 
granola bars down him when he is playing basketball or working in the yard. A 
little juice/cheese goes a long way with Kap on the pump.  Now he has room 
for dinner because he is not being over compensated for nphs peaks and/or 
Heath Benefit: 1st and foremost important issues I have as a parent is his 
health.  He is waking up w/ more energy, his thinking is clearer (fog has 
lifted), he heals faster.  His bgs is in control (according to his meter not 
the hba1c yet) and if not, well push that button a few times and relief is on 
the way.  Change that site or pop the cartridge in and prime and WE (the 
family) are off again dealing w/ life and not diabetes.  Within the last 3 
weeks, Kaps bgs have ranged from 59-200 except for 1 day when he had a 24 hr 
bug - 300-500+.  Dealing w/ the 24 hr bug, Kap would had to take 8 injections 
instead 8 boluses.  Hubby had the flu and I thought for sure Kap would get 
it, but I think 2 things saved him this go around. (1) getting the flu shot 
and/or (2) his immune system was better due to better bgs.
Thank you for listening to this mom's opinion and pumping insulin w/ my child.
Shhh - Don't remind Kap he has diabetes because since pumping he doesn't FEEL 
like he does.  (And that thing attached to him, well he forgets its there. 
His words!)
Experiencing Life as a Family!
Mom to Kap - age 9 - pumping insulin for 3 weeks - nightmares of nph are 
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