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[IP] Re: FYI - Health Net Insurance

Hey guys:

If anyone is on Health Net and is having a problem getting them to cover more 
than 150 bg strips a month the solution is to have your Dr. call them and 
order the strips as "special needs".  The Dr. will have to fax paper work and 
EXPLAIN that a diabetic MUST test bg's at least 10-12 times a day.  Health 
Net will cover 300 strips monthly if you & your Dr. persist.  

I just went through this successfully except when I went to pick up strips 
there was a "glitch" in the HN pharmacy and was told they no longer covered 
that item.  This was on Saturday and of course no one is at HN on the 
weekends.  When I spoke to HN this morning (Monday) was told about the 
"glitch" and to have Walgreens rerun the info and was cleared.  Am glad they 
covered the strips but what a way to ruin a weekend.  I was so furious.  Had 
been told by Walgreens on Friday the strips were covered and then Saturday - 

One more story to add to the HMO digest.
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