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Re: [IP] Poor, poor Diabetics must take shots

In a message dated 02/07/2000 8:29:38 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

Oh, Anika!!!!

Your attitude is right on target!!  Either that, or I need an attitude 
adjustment too.  I'd take 20 shots a day if it would make me healthy and live 
to retirement. This story makes me as sick as the Mom of a diabetic kid (5 
y/o) I know who doesn't want to give additional shots on MDI if kid's high 
because she doesn't want to "hurt" him with the shot.  And won't even 
consider pumping because the pump reminds her that he's diabetic.  Oh yeah, 
she's a physician.


<< (My hope is, the reporter misunderstood and transferred his/her fear of
 needles onto this story and made that the most important goal of this
 research, as opposed to it's actually being the most important goal of this
 Anika, a stuck-up Diabetic
 (Read on and weep....)
 >>>Researchers find new way to deliver insulin in lab studies >>
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