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[IP] Re: ketones/ketosis

My 9yo has had moderate-large ketones a few times since being on
the pump (started 11/99.) No hospital visits yet, thank goodness.
As soon as she shows them I give 20% of her TDD of insulin via
syringe (her bg's at this time are usually 300-500+), then set a
temp 20% basal increase and give a shot (20% TDD) every 2-3hrs
until they are gone (usually by 4hrs.) If the bg is over 200 we
give water to flush the ketones out but once it drops below 200
we give glucose containing fluids/foods to keep the ketones away.
Maybe if you sipped on glucose containing juice, tea, soda, etc,
it would help?

Virginia said:
> avoid an ER visit.  Once I still needed to see my physician in her office the
> next day and she gave me a  liter of IV fluids there.  

I just got compazine suppositories.  I can't seem to get these
under control.  My sugars are in the high 100s and large amounts
ketones.  I see the doctor AGAIN tomorrow and I will see if he
will give
me a liter of IV fluids at the office.  Thanks for the

Take care, Kerri 
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