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[IP] Ed Etkind and New Haven pizza

>Ed Etkind who wrote that great letter is my regular
 > endo, and I've had the greatest training and support from his office.
> premiere pump doctor in CT and maybe even farther.
 > New Haven, Ct

> >How far is he from NYC?

well, I can tell you both that my husband and I once drove from bridgewater,
NJ all the way up to new haven JUST to experience what yankee magazine
hailed as the best pizza in the country.
it took us three hours...and bridgewater is just about equal to NY in
distance. it may even be closer for you to go up from NY to new haven,

by the way...the pizza WAS the best.  we stood in a line that went clear out
the door and around the block.  there was a Yale/Dartmouth game that day.
the pizza place was Pepe's  (sp?)   and we ate it there,  then went to the
brother's place called Sally's and bought ANOTHER pizza to take back to NJ.
ate half in the car!!!

a white pizza with clams / mozzarella, if my memory serves me.  this was in

sorry folks.  just had to share this one.

now vicki...what exactly do you bolus for when you eat at those 3 pizza
joints?  (there is yet another brother competing with the 2).  the crust is
very thick and irregular.  I would guess your BG's would be hitting the
ceiling four hours later.

just keeping on topic here for the IP administrators.


hungry for white clam pizza but already ate my 24 WW points today.

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