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[IP] Massachusetts, Diabetic Babysitters wanted

Hi Everyone!
    I'm looking for people who live in the Massachusetts area who would be 
interested in baby-sitting diabetic children.  There is such a need out there 
for older diabetics to watch children with diabetes.  Parents feel more 
comfortable leaving their child(ren) in the hands of a capable person who can 
respond to a low blood sugar, test their blood sugar, or give that insulin 
    Andrea and myself have baby-sat diabetic children and know first hand 
what a demand it is to have diabetic baby-sitters available for a family.  So 
many parents are unable to go out for a night out because they are 
uncomfortable to leave their child in the hands of a non-diabetic.  At least 
another diabetic can notice a sign of a low blood sugar or maybe a high blood 
sugar in the child and can take the right steps to correct it.
    We are trying to set up this network of baby-sitters for parents to call 
on. If you are interested in baby-sitting for families with diabetic children 
please e-mail myself Kerri at email @ redacted  or Andrea at 
email @ redacted
    We think this will be very successful once we really get it off the 
ground.  We are still in the beginning stages, but with your help we think we 
can do it.  Also if anyone has any ideas please feel free to e-mail us with 
Thank you!
Kerri and Andrea
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