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[IP] bruising!!!

so, that bleeder that i had on friday has just turned into a very very
dark bruise, but i didn't even get a hematoma (the bumpy thing you
sometimes get underneath a bruise...)  but now the site i have in my butt
is bruising too... (though it still works just fine... but it's achy, i'm
about to switch it out....)

i use tender/sil/comforts...  pretty shallow angle.. i'd say about
20-degrees... even though i've got a bit of padding, if i go deeper i hit
muscle and get kinky cannulas...  

any thoughts?  

jess (the newly employed.... job starts tommorow, who wants to place bets
on how much fighting i'll have to do with my new HMO?)

Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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