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Re: [IP] Hot tub and diabetes...

<< Dr. Philip Hooper of McKee Medical Center in Loveland, Colorado,
with the hot tub therapy in hopes that it would mimic the effects of exercise,
which is already known to reduce the need for insulin. >>


We did have a HUGE discussion about this issue last fall when the article
first came out. It got me to thinking about ways to use this information to
my advantage. Since then, on several occasions, when I need to bolus to
bring down a high, I have elected to also get into the hot tub to stimulate
the action of the insulin, thus bringing my high bg down even quicker. I
find this especially convenient when such a high happens in the late
evening, and I want to be sure my bg is coming down before going to bed. 

On the flip side, I have also noticed that if my bg is normal before
getting into the hot tub, I had better not stay in very long, or I should
eat a small snack first. One of the points we discussed last fall was that
the hot water stimulates the absorption of insulin, so if you have just
bolused for a meal, it might not be a good idea to hop into the hot tub too
soon afterwards. The effects are much the same as exercise.

Carol, I WISH I could get the insurance company to pay for my hot tub... Or
at least be able to write it off on my taxes... <vbg>

Mary Jean

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