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[IP] Re-prime or waste of set?

I had a 1/8" air bubble in my tubing  and little mini-bubbles and it did not
surface until after I had done my first bolus but my sugars were completely
normal but the bubble worried me so I removed my infusion set (after trying
to reuse the first one unsucessfully after I had primed it) and re-primed
and inserted in a site "next door" to the great one I had the first infusion
set in. Was I right in using a new set simply b/c the adhesive would not
have stuck and I needed to use a new site as I just am not so skilled to put
the set where the old one had just been for 5 hrs? Any rules of thumb
regarding when to put a new set in when there are unexpected air bubbles?
Please answer privately to decrease list bandwidth.


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Randi "Pixie" Bruner
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