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Re: [IP] Need infusion set advice

> I've only been pumping since Jan 25th, but am already becoming very
> frustrated with inserting my infusion sets. Actually, inserting them
> is ok,  but after a day or two the site sometimes gets tender,
> begins itching, and rapidly becomes infected, and you guessed it,
> bgs begin to soar.

Rapid site degradation could be caused by a number of different 
thing. Here are some suggestions, you will have to investigate each 

1) Sensitivity/allergy to infusion set material or set adhesive
2) Sensitivity/allergy to insulin or one of it's components
3) You could be a staph carrier -- harmless to you but not to wounds

Possible solutions:
1) Examine the site carefully -- is the irritation only in the wound 
itself, or is the irritation in the skin also, perhaps in the shape 
of the set or the tape that holds it on? If so, a barrier piece 
of IV3000 before installing the set and/or using a barrier wipe such 
as Smith & Nephew Skin Prep may help. If you are allergic or 
sensitive to the cannual of the infusion set, switching to another 
type of set may help. Get samples of SofSets, Rapids, 
Sil/Tender/Comfort set -- and try them.

2) Try switching to another insulin for a week or so. If you use 
Humalog, switch to Velosulin or Humulin R -- check with your 
physician as the TIMING of the insulin peak will be different and 
basal start / stop times will change

3) Extra prep precautions are necessary -- in particular you must not 
touch your face while doing site prep or insertion -- this is harder 
to do than you might imagine. Carefully wash your hands, dry them on 
a paper towel or a freshly laundered towel -- studies show that the 
paper towel is actually cleaner. Arrange all of the necessary 
goodies, insulin, syringes, tape, set -- on a "clean" surface or 
another paper towel. Prep the site first with a Providine wipe -- let 
dry. Remove excess iodine with an alcohol wipe -- let dry. Apply IV 
Prep or Skin Prep -- let dry. Apply barrier tape OR infusion set as 
necessary -- finish tape as required. Remember !! don't touch your 
face while doing this -- try to touch only what is absolutely 

Don't try more than one solution at a time. If you do, you won't know 
what really fixed the problem.


> I'm using sof set QR's in my abdomen. I've
> followed all pre insertion hygiene instructions, made sure
> everything is clean but to no avail. I'm fairly lean and am
> wondering if maybe the sof set's canula is too long and possible
> going too deep? After looking at the mini-med on-line store site, I
> see that there are a number of different infusion sets available.
> Would the sof-set micro QR be my next choice in finding what works
> best? Is it possible that it would be too shallow? The silhouette
> also looks good. Does it have flexible canula? Also the silhouette
> combo set comes with 10 canulas and five tubing sets. Does that mean
> you change the canula but keep the same tubong set? I'd also like to
> know of any experiences with poly-fin QR bent needle with wings. I'm
> physically active with bicycling, jogging, vegetable farming, and
> general farm work as well as teaching school. I'd like to hear of
> others experiences with day to day activities.  I'm very happy so
> far with pump results except for the site problems, but hoping
> they'll soon be worked out as I learn more. Thanks, Scott Type 1, 18
> years
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