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[IP] Suppliers

I am hoping someone here can help me...

My company just switched to Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Choice New England.
A mouthful I know.  It is a POS plan.  Now I called Minimed to reorder since
my last insurance company allowed me to go straight through them.  They said
they didn't have a contract with them so that I probably would not be
approved if they tried to put it through.  So I called the insurance company
and got a very helpful person.  Yeah right...Ok so I asked for a DME
supplier who handled insulin pump infusion material. She asked me where I
lived and said that her system was ordered by towns in MA and not by
company.  So already I am guessing she is looking in the wrong place but she
would not hear anything from me.  So after listing a Volunteer Fire
Department and a Prosthetics Lab in my area I figured I would be better off
asking you guys.

Any one here have BCBS in MA and if so could you tell me which supplier you
use?  It would be a huge help.

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