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Re: [IP] Pump Fairy

Confused Mom wrote
Last night Allie was 330 at
about 11:30.  Took it when I went to bed, our endo doesn't really like us to
bolus during the night, but I said this is bedtime, so I gave her 1 1/2
units.  (she takes 1 unit for every 80 > 150)   So then I take it again at
4:00 am and she is 393!  YIKES!  I was leaving the house, (her dad was still
here....but sleeping) and was scared to give her any.  So when I got home at
7:30am she was 185????????? Explain that?  And when she got up it was 117
(that was about 9:30 am).  So who want's to explain that?
This is why I so want a meter that gives not only bg but trend.  I see this
kind of thing in myself quite often.  Here's my theory:   Sometime before
11:30 Allie had low blood sugar.  The 330 at 11:30 was probably a reactive
hyperglycemia.  Because her bs was still rising when you gave her the bolus
it didn't seem to bring her down.  The 393 at 4:00 was probably lower than
she would have been otherwise, though.  Once the blood sugar stopped rising
reactively the rest of the bolus had a chance to work and blood sugar was
normal by morning.
This is not a medical opinion, just a theory based on my personal

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