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[IP] Pumping blind

Thank you to all who responded to my inquiry about whether there are list
members who  are blind.

One follow up question, mostly for my own curiosity would be the mechanics
of pumping without sight. I am a Disetronic pumper so I know the D's
features that would be useful to sightless pumpers. I am interested in
hearing how the MiniMed audio bolus works.

For comparison, the audio bolus on a Disetronic works this way: to bolus,
you press either of the two buttons on the top of the pump (the 'h' or 'm'
button) and each time you press it you hear a beep for each push of the
button, each increment in the bolus (a default of 0.5) That only lets you
know that you actually hit the button correctly. Eight seconds later come
the confirmation beeps. The pump beeps for each step increment. So if you
have correctly entered 3 units with a 0.5 default step increment, you will
hear six beeps. Eight more seconds will elapse, during which time you can
cancel the bolus. If you haven't cancelled the bolus, the bolus is delivered
without any sound (unless you hold the pump up to your ear so you can hear
the motor hum).
   As someone else noted, the Disetronic has different beep patterns to
confirm the amount of temporary basal increase or decrease, and to indicate
a pump has been switched to run or off.
   The location and shape of the buttons can be a useful feature for blind
pumpers as well.

But I think the MiniMed 508 (perhaps even the 507) has features that are
friendly to the sightless and would like to hear about those.

   I don't know how some problems are solved for either pump. How can a
sightless person fill a cartridge or reservoir and be sure the bubbles are
out? (I heard MM may soon solve this with pre-filled cartridges, but I don't
have confirmation on that).  All pumps alarm, but how can a sightless pumper
know which alarm has sounded? How can he or she check the reservoir or
cartridge to see how full it is? etc.

Thanks to all who can shed light on this,

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