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[IP] antioxidants WARNING!

> > I've just started to take anti-oxidants, for my fibromialgia,  and they
> > send my sugars up high

regarding antioxidant vitamin therapy.

as some of you may know, I am a big DR. DEAN EDELL fan.  he is very well
informed and well read in the MD world.  I listened to his radio show the
other day, and was facsinated by his take on vitamin therapy, particularly
vitamin E.  he said that if this were a prescription drug,  we  (the public)
would be screaming to have it taken off of the market!  it can be very
dangerous and deadly if over dosed.

he has a wonderful website at "healthcentral.com"  and if you are interested
in his articles on vitamin therapy...one spot that caught my eye is at the


follow some of his archive threads on vitamin E and you will be quite

my opinion of vitamins is that we should be EATING them and if you feel that
you are not getting enough of something,  take a MULTI.

lest someone say that I am dispensing medical advice....just my opinion.

mom to geneva

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