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[IP] Re: ketones/ketosis

    One thing that has worked for me is having a few suppositories available 
to combat vomiting if ketosis has gone so far that I cannot keep fluids down. 
 They are prescription meds so my primary Dr or my endo writes a script for 
them when I ask and I always keep a few on hand as I don't always have 
someone around who could make a drive to the pharmacy for them.  I use them 
with caution as they can make you sleepy, but in the few cases that I have 
needed them, I have been able to get my glucoses down with insulin, my 
vomiting under control with the suppositories, rehydrate myself orally, and 
avoid an ER visit.  Once I still needed to see my physician in her office the 
next day and she gave me a  liter of IV fluids there.  It was a wierd couple 
of days where my insulin requirements seemed to double for no definable 
    They have side effects and are not for everyone, but is something to 
consider discussing with your physician.  Some Drs may be very uncomfortable 
NOT having you come in if you're vomiting and ketotic and some people with 
diabetes may feel the same.

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