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Re: [IP] Need infusion set advice

 I used to use the softsets also and had the same problems except I have 
never had an infected site.  I switched to the rapid from Disetronic.  The 
bad news is that you do have a needle in you at all times.  However, I don't 
have kinks or bent ends which won't let the insulin through.  I don't have 
painful or sore sites like I did with the softset.  If I hit a small 
capillary it will bleed and not work as well, but after you learn your body 
that is rare.  It is much easier to reinsert them if you do hit something or 
it gets sore you don't have to waste a whole set.  I leave mine in for a week 
with no difficulty.  They are 8mm, but they have come up with an even shorter 
one too.  They will fit the MM reservoir.  They don't disconnect, but they 
tell me they will have one soon that will.

I guess you have to trade off some things that you like to sometimes be 
comfortable.  To me being comfortable is more important than disconnecting.
They may not be for you but they sure work for me.  

Let me know if you switch and what you think.

Nancy  D.for 35 years, pumping for 12 years.
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