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Re: [IP] ANTI-Oxidants from Pumpgirl

I answered her directly (not via the list), but she brings up something
that happens to some diabetics....

*SOME* (but not all) diabetics will have increased blood sugars, and
blood pressures (if you have high blood pressure) when taking vitamin E.
If you begin taking a high dose, you may see high blood sugars and
pressures for weeks after begining, which will slowly go back down 
over time.

I ran into the same problem, and also found some healthfood books that
mentioned this problem in diabetics taking vitamin E. It also can
drive your blood pressure up.  My endo knew NOTHING about this effect.

The book suggested SLOWLY increasing viatmin E dose, over time.  It
said to increase your daily dose by 100 units per day PER MONTH.  Start
at 100 units per day, for a month, and then increase by 100 units each
month thereafter, until you reach the target dose you're aiming for.

The same thing happens if you quit - but the opposite.  If you are taking
high doses, and stop (or cut back), blood sugars and pressure will go 
down...  If you have this problem, and are taking high doses of vitamin E,
you must plan to take it forever, or cut back gradually, in the same
slow stepped fashion as increasing the dose.

Some other antioxidants have similar effects - probably the oil soluble


> Hi this is Pumpgirl from Sunny Sydney!
> I've just started to take anti-oxidants, for my fibromialgia,  and they
> send my sugars up high. I can balance it by taking more insulin, but
> just wondered was anyone else taking them. and do they make your sugars
> go high.
> Cathy.

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