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[IP] Skylar's pump start

Hi All,  Skylar is now an official pumpgirl!  She was so great at the initial 
hookup & barely felt me put in the Rapid 6.  She was skipping around like it 
wasn't even on her.  After a few lows the 1st night, her endo switched to 
U-50 Humulog 1/2 strength & asked us to stay another night.  Much to Skylar's 
delight, it was the BEST mini vacation she can remember!  The cable TV, the 
videos, the game rooms, the toys, the computer games, crafts, turning the 
electric bed into a slide & a trampoline, not to mention the 2 dogs that came 
to visit her in her room.  I have to admit it was ALOT nicer than our last 2 
visits in the past 3 1/2 yrs!  This time she was WELL & very happy.  Imagine 
the finest hotel that caters to kids!  Since none of the nurses knew about 
the pump we educated the endless stream of folks in & out of our room as much 
as possible.  I insisted on doing the every 2 hour BS checks with our 
FastTake after their 1st check & the #'s were identical on their blood 
thirsty monitor.  Needless to say I checked her ALOT in the 2 1/2 days we 
were there & the few hrs of sleep I did get was with my eyes opened watching 
the clock!   We are still working on adjusting both basal & carb/ratio & will 
for a while.  She hasn't had any real lows since switching to 1/2 strength.  
Now were working on the highs.  It's amazing to be able to Bolus anytime, 
anywhere with the push of a button, anytime she eats or is over 150!  Skylar 
did a few 1st's timers yesterday, like sleeping until 9:00am, eating 
breakfast 2 hrs late,  missing her morning snack, eating lunch 1 1/2 hrs late 
& dinner 1 hr late!  It was truly a day to remember!  Also since day 1, she 
LOVES giving herself a bolus after I tell her the # of units (in 10ths) she 
needs for that meal, she knows exactly when to stop & show me before it 
confirms.  We wait while she gets her insulin & I ask her if she felt it, 
which she never does.  We are so excited giving insulin this way!  The only 
drawback right now is having to change her site & cartridge every 2 days!  
Once it's in she doesnt hardly know it's there.  It's the in & out that's a 
problem for her, understandably.  Well we are impressed so far with the new 
found flexibility.  We will keep you updated as we narrow down her doses.  
It's so nice to have a tighter target range of 70-150 & be able to bolus as 
needed for anything over 150.  Thank you all for being there.    Robin mom of 
Skylar 5 yrs. dx'd @17mos. Pumping since 2-2-2000
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