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[IP] Loaner pump

I just called MiniMed, and asked them if this was available. They said I
would have to get in touch with my local rep.  I asked who that was, and
yes I did vaguely remember the name. I called and had to leave a message
on her voicemail. However it was another person that returned the call
(first to my home then tried work#) and verified the facts ..where I was
going, when, and for how long....and said someone would get back to me.
A lady then called and said she would send a 506 out sometime next week,
as long as I  accepted responsibility for the pump whilst it was in my
possession, and told me the replacement cost (!!!)
That was all there was too it. Kind of sounds like they offer it all the
I am very glad as I don't want to deal with NPH and the timing again. I
always struggled with that stuff big time yet needed it.
Thanks for the packing tips. I had thought to pack it all in my
backpack, but maybe it doesn't all need to go in there.
Thanks for responding, what a great list we have!!.

Gill Gilbart
dx'd 1966, pumping since 2/99

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