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[IP] Injecting through Silhouettes

Denise wrote:

> inserting syringe or pen needle into the opening of the
>  disconnect cover and pushing the needle through the cannula.  
> Has anyone ever done that?  

I do that... i pump regular old insulin for the most part, but when I need to 
inject some H for a quick fix, I will inject it through the canula as 
well...WHY would I WANT to poke another hole in  my body if I don't need 
to...LOL...Of course, you hve to remember, that the first .5 - .8 units of 
the injection is regular old regular - you have to push the humalog in...it 
pushes the regular that is in there into you...and then fills the canula up 
with H...get it?  

by the way, in case any of you H purists are wondering, I use Regular 
Velosulin rather than H, aka "rocket fuel" because it is MUCH more 
predictable, stable and user friendly, in my personal opinion.  I have a very 
quick response to regular insulin and like the post prandial reaction.. PLUS, 
it is much cheaper than Velosulin AND it isn't as heat sensitive AND my sites 
can last up to 5 days, where as a lot of IPers report shortened site life 
when they use Humalog...so...why mess with a good thing?

*-)=B xoxx~~~[507]
pumping velosulin almost 7 years!  my, time flies when you are having fun!!

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