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[IP] Re-Thanking the IP Group

Greetings all:
   This is an addendum to my earlier post about the friend's daughter whose 
prolonged vomiting prompted a visit to the ER....
    Just ran into Melissa's CDE  & asked if he'd read that post. Not only had 
he read it, but because of it & the ones that preceeded it from Doreen and 
others that I'd forwarded, he immediately directed a pt. to go to the ER who 
had been vomiting & had large ketones, DESPITE normal blood sugars.
    Obvious punchline: Patient was almost in DKA within a VERY short period 
of time; so the "head for the ER NOW" advice was sound indeed!!!.....Although 
I'm never happy to hear that anyone with diabetes has to make a trip to the 
ER, I felt vindicated at least for "funneling" this information to non-IPers, 
thanks to the sharing & caring participation of the IP "posters"!!....After 7 
1/2 yrs of parenting a child with diabetes, I had somehow "missed" the 
critical connection between vomiting & ketones - even in the absence of high 
blood sugars!

Regards, Renee ( Melissa's pump-mom who obviously still has LOTS to learn)    
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