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re: [IP] Basal rates changing

> I am finding that over the past few months I have been
having to change basal
> rates.  I started out at .6/hr. which was fine for a
while then sugars
> started to rise.  I went to .7/hr also fine for a while
and then sugars again
> started to rise.  I went to .8/hr. sugars were good
(toward the low side
> sometimes) and now in the past 3 days I am low, low,

It sounds like you have only one basal rate.  I have 5
rates throughout the day.  I am as high as .8 during the
night and as low as .2 during the workday (not even
labor).  It also appears that you are on the
'rollercoaster'.  The first thing you need to do is get
your basals correct.  When is the last time you did a
fast.  I find that It is necessary for me to do fasts
fairly regularly.  I will not eat from dinner until an
early dinner the next day, and again I will fast from
lunch until breakfast of the next day.  My boluses also
need adjusting fairly regularly and do vary during the
day.  We are all on cycles (biorhythm (g), circadian,
menses, etc. and things just change for no reason.   I was
told that in order to go on the pump, I had to be prepared
to do a lot more work on it.

> I see my endo in  1 1/2 weeks.

They can not move you up a little?

> This is so frustrating I don't know what to
> do.  Do others have this problem?

Of course!

> Trying to keep in a good range and not go
> too high or too low is becoming more and more of a

> Linda

When you succeed at a challenge, it is even more

Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
Somedays I'm the windshield, somedays I'm the bug.
 - anonymous

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