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Re: [IP] Any blind pumpers on IP?

At 9:29 AM -0600 2/5/00, Anika Schon wrote:
>I'm asking this question on behalf of an acquaintance who is considering
>joining the list. Are any IP members blind? and are any of you blind IPers
>already pumping? You can write me privately if you prefer. Thanks for your

HI Anika,

I don't quite qualify, but I'm blind in my left eye and have no peripheral
vision in my right, and it's only correctable to about 20/50. I chose the
Disetronic pump because it not only has an audible bolus (I believe the MM
now has that function) but it have raised buttons, so you can easily feel
them to give a bolus. I have to use reading glasses and I didn't feel like
having to find my reading glasses every time I wanted needed to bolus!

Also, many of D.'s functions can be performed without looking at it, just
by feeling the buttons and knowing what the beeps mean. I can do temporary
basal increases and decreases, end those basal changes, turn off my pump,
bolus, etc. without looking at the pump or even having to get it out of my
pocket or bra.

Your friend would face the same challenges with drawing up insulin that
he/she must face now, but would only have to draw insulin once or twice a
week to fill the cartridge (depending on his/her insulin requirements).

I think a pump makes just as much (if not more) sense for blind DMers as it
does for sighted ones.

Let me know if your friend has more questions.


(Type I, 27 years, D. pumper since 10/95)
email @ redacted

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