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[IP] rear site and HIGH BG's

well...i changed my site because the site i put in yesterday (for the first
time in my rear) was too low and i felt i was sitting on it if i leaned
back too far. so i changed it and put it higher. i always change my site
before i eat so that i can bolus and make sure the insulin is going
through. so i ate and bolused 10.  one hour later i was 465. ouch. didn't
even feel high.  so i bolused 10 more and one hour after that i was only
420. so i bolused again and now one hour later i'm 345. so at least i'm
going down. now i'm just waiting for it all to catch up with me and i
crash.  so...my question is...is it a bad site? once it comes down if it
stays down i'll leave it in but why did it take so much insulin to drop it,
and why did it shoot up to 465 (i was 120 when i changed my site)...grr..
thanks ahead of time for any input.

Erinn (D for 15 years, pumping 1 month, 2 weeks, 6 days)
- What matters most is how you see yourself -
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