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[IP] Basal rates changing

I am finding that over the past few months I have been having to change basal 
rates.  I started out at .6/hr. which was fine for a while then sugars 
started to rise.  I went to .7/hr also fine for a while and then sugars again 
started to rise.  I went to .8/hr. sugars were good (toward the low side 
sometimes) and now in the past 3 days I am low, low, low.  I am testing often 
and putting in lower temp basals (to see if this helps) which either help a 
little or just hold my sugar around 100 and then a few hours later I'm 260.  
I see my endo in  1 1/2 weeks.  This is so frustrating I don't know what to 
do.  Do others have this problem?  Trying to keep in a good range and not go 
too high or too low is becoming more and more of a challenge.

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