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[IP] ER with Pump

Friday I woke up and my bg was 87.  I couldn't hold food down, got so
disoriented that I thought my sugars were bottoming out.  I checked and
bg was 167 so I bolused 1 unit Humalog.  I got worse feeling like I was
going to pass out.  I checked ketones which was high, 160 mg/dL. and my
sugar had gone up to 180 so I bolused another unit.  This is not high in
my book.  I could not hold food or liquid. 

I ended up in the ER not knowing where I was or what was going on.  I
remember the girl going, "Your sugar is 160 and it looks like you would
be 400.".  My pulse was 100, tachicardia had set in and my pressure was
190 something over 90 something.  (I had something called
Pheochromocytoma 10 years ago which is an endocrine tumor and that could
be the problem, but no one really knows what is going on at this

No one really understood the pump.  I tried to explain, but I was a bit
out of it.  Dehydrated to the max.  Here is my question:

What do you do when this happen?  ER people are clueless about the pump.
Do you carry instructions on what to do in an emergency?  My doctor is
not even well versed in the pump.  (Afterall, I am a bit of a loner and
worked the pump with little help.)

Thank you in advance.
pumping 3 months/diabetic for 37 years/43 years old
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