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Re: [IP] Meter Improvements

Shelly, in my dreams, we wouldn't even need meters, cause we wouldn't have 
the Big D.

At 06:02 PM 2/3/00 +0000, you wrote:
>Let's get some real technology going here!  I'm looking for a meter for us 
>How about a palm pilot-like touch screen with a built-in calculator?  How 
>built-in formulas for calculating boluses and mixing insulins?  How about a
>test strip storage place integrated with the meter so we don't have to carry
>around a separate vial?  How about a lancing device integrated with the meter,
>too?  Size does matter (ha ha), but if these things could be provided, I'd be
>happy with meters staying the same size or slightly larger (maybe we could get
>away from the extra carrying case altogether!).
>In my dreams the perfect meter is continuous and totally non-invasive...I'd
>give up every other feature for that!
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml