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[IP] RE: cheap gluco tabs

Okay, I read the thread about glucose tabs, and here is my thoughts and some
info for y'all:

LOVE  those three to strip kind - but about ten years ago they tasted like
sweet chalk.  No other flavoring to them at that point, and might I add
yuck!  Glad they switched to an orange flavor...Makes it a a helluva lot
easier to feed them to low kids at camp.

Speaking of camp, us counselors get to take home extra supplies of glucose
tabs and what nots, and I am holding in my hand a bottle (50 tablets) of
'The Medicine Shoppe' Glucose Tablets - Raspberry.  They have 4g of CHO per
tablet - I usually eat three of them for a total of 12g CHO, and that
sufficiently raises my sugars to a 'normal' level.  I have bought this brand
before at our grocer's pharmacy back home, and I believe the bottle cost us
$4.99.  I carry some of them around in one of those little tubes;  I also
keep some in a sandwich bag readily available in the center console of our
car - I open them up when I start a trip, and that way they are there and
ready to eat if I notice any signs at all of low blood sugars.  I do not,
however, recommend or condone eating any lemon flavored ones  (uck again)
but the raspberry, grape, and orange kind are very yummy.  :)  vbg

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