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[IP] RE: Watching out for friends...

.....Hi Sammi,
<Thanks for a great note.  It does impress me that Jenna's friends really do
"watch out" for her.......>

I've always been impressed since the age of four with this.  I can remember
my mom tying little pieces of saran-wrap around servings of nuts and
'diabetic candies', and tying those little packages with colored yarn so I
could have something 'special' when another kids birthday came around at
school.  These were rarely used after I started doing little 'show and
tells' for my class that year about my diabetes and what I could/couldn't

I remember a second grade birthday party, where everyone got cupcakes, ice
cream, and chocolate milk - and when the kids were busy eating those, little
Tommy gave me a yarn-knit easter egg with a yarn knit chicken that 'hid'
between the two halves - the reason he gave it to me when the kids were
eating is that they were too busy to notice that he had knitted it "
'specially for you, and I don't want the other kids to be jealous that you
got a chick and they didn't.' " I might add I still have that wondrous
little gift he made me  - for HIS birthday!!! :)

Another occasion - third grade - each of the kids brought me vegetable parts
(I must admit I was a bit confused at first) - then Paul, using toothpicks,
put together a cream cheese celery/carrot/zuchinni mobile for me.   (I
didn't like cream cheese, but it made me happy to know that they were making
me part of the celebration.  I ate the whole thing).  Sixth grade, we had
'Secret Santa' in our class - each student drew another classmates name, and
then once a week, up until Christmas, we brought treats in for our Secret
Santa, which the teacher then passed out amongst us later in the afternoon.
My Secret Santa gave me cashews, beef jerky, peanuts, and a sugar free
peppermint cane - each with a note saying 'a treat for you.'  Turns out his
older sister was also diabetic, so he knew what to get me!  I can't express
how much those little things meant to me - I hated feeling left out of those
celebrations on occasion, and it was really nice for everyone to include me
in their 'plans'.  How I wish I knew back then the wonders of MDI, and more
importantly, the pump - maybe I could have eaten those treats as a 'regular
kid!'  :)

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