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Re: [IP] glucose tabs/gel FYI Humorous (now)

a.. From: "Richard Aleksander" <email @ redacted>
b.. Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2000 11:19:23 -0600

>>Early in the next morning on the drive from the hotel to the airport I
hypo and all the driver had with sugar was ALTOIDS.  I ate about 15 of 'em
before recovering slightly.  Awful.>>

I too had an awful experience similar to this only worse.

Working at a diabetic camp for the summer, every year at the very end we
have a huge staff party.  Pies, Ice Cream, and all the extra goodies we can
think of as a good-bye to summer.  That day before the party we clean out
the staff lodge and pack up the kitchen stuff and take it to the main mess
hall for storage.  Then late that night after the party we just toss
everything so we can make a clean get away early in the morning.

Well, wouldn't you know it around 3 AM I have a terrible hypo.  Nothing to
eat anywhere and no sugar or dex cubes to be found.  ALL EXCEPT A BOTTLE OF

To this day I still hate chocolate, and anything to do with the syrup, and
even ice cream.  The thought of it makes me gag.  Funny thing was, a few
years later I had the same thing happen to me on a camping trip.  Now, I
hate maple flavored pancake syrup too.

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