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[IP] Pump approval right after dx?

My 8 year old Mike has been pumping since November.  We have had good
results and cannot even think of life again with injections.  My 3 year old
Joe has been having erratic blood sugars since May.  We are watching and
testing him to track his numbers, but the ped endo feels he is in early
stages of diabetes.  Joe's numbers are climbing and I have the strange
feeling the diabetes diagnosis will be sooner rather than later.

My question is:   How soon after diagnosis can a child (3 - almost 4yrs old)
go on the pump?

I know I may be way ahead of myself in the worry category, but I am just
trying to prepare myself.  I want to be able to lobby for the pump early on
for Joe (if/when needed).  Can you share your experiences with us?  What do
you think the chances are for insurance approval right after diagnosis?  (We
had no trouble with Mike who was dx almost three years ago and who did have
roller coaster BG numbers).  We go to the ped endo for a check on Mike next
week.  I will most likely be bringing Joe along for a check also.  It should
make for good discussion!  Thanks for your input!

Sue Cahill
mom of SIXSONS, Jim, 15, Tim, 14, Tom 12, Pat, 10, Mike 8. Joe 3.

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