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Re: [IP] Kid's and diabetes feelings

    I give kids so much credit who live with diabetes.  When I was diagnosed 
with diabetes at age 10 I was familiar with it because my older sister had 
it.  But for some of these children who have diabetes are so brand new to it, 
they have never seen so my blood sugar tests, and insulin injections before.
    I wanted to start helping kids with diabetes, so I started baby-sitting 
diabetic children.  I had my first job a few weeks ago and let me just say I 
give that little boy so much credit.  He is 20 months and he Was diagnosed at 
his one year check up.  I gave him his insulin injection in his little bum 
and saw all the little marks from previous injections.  I tested his blood 
sugar a number of times throughout the night I was there.  At one point he 
just didn't want to test and I could understand, but I knew he had to.  So I 
showed him my own testing machine because it was a different one.  I said I 
will test my BS first and then it would be his turn.  So what did he do when 
I was finished?  He gave me one of his fingers to prick.  It was so touching 
to me.  Even a 20 month little boy can understand what needs to be down from 
the "normal" routine now.  This is what he will have to do for the rest of 
his life until that cure it found.  But as his mother says he will never know 
his life any different, which is so true.  I think it is so important for 
other children with diabetes to see other diabetics go through the routine 
like themselves.  I hope I can help many other children like I have started 
with this little boy.
    I give all you parents so much credit for all you do for your children.  
Children need to know they have the support and love of their parents to live 
with diabetes because it can be challenging.  I'm grateful to my own mother 
you made sure I had everything I needed growing up and knowing she is still 
there watching out for me at 21yrs. old.
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