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Subject: [IP] Re: kids and diabetes feelings - LONG

Hi Sammi,
Thanks for a great note.  It does impress me that Jenna's friends really do
"watch out" for her.  They are MUCH more likely than her teachers to
remember to bring the bags that have the carbs listed for treats.  I
recently took her to an overnight birthday party, and the hostess's mom
showed me the food table, with pride, and told me that her daughter had
picked out only things that Jenna "could have."  Didn't interject that with
the pump, Jenna can have anything she wanted, 'cause it was so sweet - there
were chicken wings and potato skins and a veggie tray at a kid birthday

I tried to get her to write a letter for JDF when they were doing the
Promise To Remember Me campaign for the congress last spring, and basically,
she doesn't see anything wrong with her life, though she'd still like it if
diabetes was cured.  Viva la kids and their attitude!

Nancy Morgan

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