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Re: [IP] Re: kids and diabetes feelings-LONG

I can't speak from a parent's point of view, but I can speak from a diabetic 
who has been living with it since the age of 5.. The best comment I can make 
is that everyone, whether DM or not, at times needs to vent.  Whether it be 
about DM or having a bad day in general, usually you feel better once you've 
vented.  I am sure that Matt understands that sometimes there will be 
limitations, although I prefer to think of it more as strategies or weapons 
to be used in the war against DM, and eventually he will find a better way to 
release the frustrations and anger.  Once I started to think of the 
treatments and the do this/don't do that were strategies and weapons against 
the enemy, it was like a turning point in my life.

 Looking back, I am sure that many times my parents wondered if I would ever 
grow up without turning every hair on their heads white!!  Well I did, and 
Mom's still got dark hair, and when Dad passed on form cancer, his grays were 
the result of chemo.  

I would like to commend you on not escalating things with Matt by returning 
fire with fire when he starts yelling and screaming. You are doing the right 
thing by waiting until he's calmed down and then calmly discussing the matter 
at hand. Eventually Matt will have fewer and fewer outbursts, I am sure, the 
best thing to do  is to continue to be there for him and to discuss things 
after he has calmed down.

You're doing fine!

aka Mouse
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