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RE: [IP] Anika/Blind pumpers


I am not blind but would think the pump would be especially suitable for a
blind person.  My reasoning?

I have a Minimed, but the Disetronics (sp?) seems to have an audible tone
that helps determine how much insulin is being injected.  The MiniMed could
be used in this way by counting the number of "clicks" (1/10th of a unit per
click).  Seems it would be easier to fill up one syringe with a larger
amount of insulin, set appropriate basal rates, and bolus as needed using
audible tones to monitor how much insulin one is getting.
I know there are glucometers made for the blind.  Perhaps the companies have
attachments to the pump that can help.  You may want to contact both MiniMed
and Disetronics directly on their web sites and ask some questions!

Kathy Wallerstedt

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