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[IP] kids and moods


I know what you and Mat are going thru. Kevin was dx about 13 months ago, and 
went thru all those feelings. He too "hated life, and wanted to die" on the 
bad days, but then was grateful for life. Since getting the pump, those 
feelings dont come about as much. He has a lot less mood swings and 
unhappiness about life. He feels more normal all the time and less different 
from others. HOWEVER, when he has bad days, regardless if they are diabetes 
related or not...that is what comes out. "I hate this disease...blah blah 

For the most part he handles everything with a lot of dignity and maturity 
and he is (as I've said before) my HERO for how he takes it all in stride. I 
think he handles the package much better than I do.

Hope that helps.

Mom of Kevin
dx. 12/98
pumping since 5/99
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