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[IP] Re: safari....

Hi Gill!

	About a year & a half ago, and just 1 yr after starting on the pump, my
husband and I traveled to Zimbabwe and South Africa for 3.5 weeks.  It was
THE trip of a lifetime!  You will have the most amazing experience!  I had
no problems whatsoever with pumping.  Diabetes management was very easy, as
were the time changes, the activities, the travel, the airports and
customs....  I could not have imagined doing it any other way.  The standard
"diabetes travel" recommendations worked well for me.  I traveled with twice
the amount of supplies I needed.  I also had a letter from my physician
stating that I had diabetes, used an insulin pump and was required to travel
with the various supplies, including insulin and syringes.  I never actually
needed the letter.  In most airports (even the most remote ones - Vic Falls
airport in Zim - hope you're going there??) I was asked to "take off my
phone".  An explanation that it was an insulin pump was all that was
needed... in fact, it intrigued so many Africans that I met *more*
diabetics, heard about diabetes care in their tribe, even gave pump
demonstrations and "Diabetes 101" impromptu classes right there in the
airports!  *lol*  :)

	You will want to think ahead a little bit about the heat.. and insulin
storage. We were lucky - we went in November, the end of the spring season
there.  But you will be there in the dead of summer, and no doubt it will be
"Africa hot"!  I don't know what your safari accommodations are like, but
you might want to assure you have access to either air-conditioning (yes -
some safari places HAVE them! *grin*) or a refrigerator or both.  Take
plenty of sun protection and keep that pump shaded.  I changed my batteries
just before I went & brought a set with me.  I also brought 2 glucometers.
I LUVED having the Fast Take with me, but it did not tolerate the midday
heat very well.  :)  I'd be happy to share more of my experience... email me
off the list & we'll chat!

~Delaine M. Wright, MS, CDE
Type 1 since '83, MM507 11/97

>From: Gill <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] 1 year anniversary pumping, & safari.
>..Feb 16th, I am headed to Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe) for a
>3-week safari trip. .....I'm still nervous about the trip ..... Does
>anyone have any useful hints for me?
>Gill Gilbart
>(d'x'd in 1966 at age 21)

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