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Re: [IP] Re: kids and diabetes feelings-LONG

I'm so glad your children are feeling so positive.  Matt has some very bad 
bouts with "hating" this disease. Now keep in mind, when first diagnosed 1yr 
ago, while in the hospital he did say he was glad they found out what was 
wrong with him. But sometimes it just gets to him in a big way!  I wasn't 
going to post about this, but this list has been so extremely helpful and 
understanding. Matt's mood swings were enormous when first diagnosed, and 
while having a bad day, he would literally throw a fit and yell and scream, 
he hated his life, he wanted to die. Now hearing this from your child is very 
upsetting as you all can imagine. I spoke with Matt often after he calmed 
down, and his opionion did change. However just two weeks ago, getting angry 
because i was saying "no" to something else, cause of diabetes, he threw 
another fit, and once again, hated his life and wished to be dead!  Now, mind 
you, this probably sounds like a spoiled child, just trying to get back at 
mommy, but i cannot ignore this. I'm posting because i know there has to be 
someone else out there possibly dealing with this situation and would like 
advice. Matt once again has been spoken to and his opionion has changed. Do 
you think he's just saying this out of anger?  Any suggestions or comments 

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