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[IP] Re: pump and sleeping

Hi Ted,
I just started on the pump Jan 10, and asked the same question here!
The leg strap kept slipping off my leg, so I eventually ordered the
waist strap from Minimed.  That has worked quite well for me--I can
position the pump right below my navel, so that whether I sleep on one
side or the other, I don't sleep on the pump!  Transitions are still a
little tough for me (getting dressed, etc.), esp. because I also have a
problem with my hands not working exactly right.  But for me the waist
strap has been the best.  Some folks just put the pump next to them, but
they must be very docile sleepers!

Good luck!  Let me know how things work out.

Todd (47 years old, diabetic since age 13)

<original message>
Does anyone have any information they can send.  Also curious
how people sleep with the pump. I've been attaching to my pajama tops,
seems to be in the way. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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