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Re: [IP] Re: kids and diabetes feelings

gianna marzilli wrote:
> I asked him if he felt sad because he had diabetes and he looked at
> >me like I was a Martian and said, "No, why should I?"
>   I think this is awesome. Having gone through one of those "why me why me"
> phases, albeit a short one, took alot out of myself

Well, I was diagnosed a LOT later than you, and had a much more
prolonged why me period -- I think it's because those of us who are
older have a longer "normal" life to compare it to. 

Although my grandmother had diabetes, I really didn't think I was going
to get it, because my mother never did (and never will -- she died at
age 80 without any sign of diabetes), so it was a shock when I was
diagnosed. I struggled (and still struggle) a lot with feeling of guilt,
even though they weren't warranted, 

And I periodically stop my insulin in the irrational and absurd hope
that my diabetes has gone away while I wasn't looking. Of course, it
quickly reminds me that it hasn't gone away -- but I NEED that reminder
from time to time.

Small children don't struggle with THOSE kinds of feelings because they
never knew any different -- and they are too young to have picked up on
feelings of blame and guilt. Hopefully, their parents won't pass those
feelings on later!

Good luck to all of us! 

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