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Subject: [IP] Switching to Pump

Hi Laurie,
Congrats on the decision to get Brian started with the pump.  It takes time
to gt all the basal rates and boluses worked out, but since you've already
got one pumper in the family, you will be way ahead of the rest of us as far
as knowledge of how to get those numbers worked out.   I'd give yourselves a
couple of weeks before vacation, but I think you could do a pump start on
vacation if you had to, it would just distract from the vacation a little.
The other hard thing is that restaurant food is often unpredictable in carb
content, and it's hard to figure carb ratios when half your meals, you're
just taking a WAG (wild-a** guess) about what you're eating.  But, if you
just bolus and then correct later, kind of figuring that you'll figure out
the real ratios when you get home, it still ought to be okay.

The pump hasn't slowed my daughter a bit.  She is a gymnast, spends 9 hours
a week in the gym doing flips and spins, with the pump in place during gym
practice and meets, and we've yet to have a site (sil / Tender) come out
during gym, or hurt the pump.  So a little bed-wrestling isn't really a big
challenge to the pump.  And as far as the long bath-running naked thing,
just give a bolus equal to the basal rate for the next hour, take the pump
off (see what time it is, so you know when your hour is up), then reconnect
and he's not missed a drop of insulin.

Our biggest hurdle was that my daughter is one of the few whose sites didn't
last with just Humalog.  IP was instrumental in my learning about mixing a
little Velosulin with the Humalog, and it works great for Jenna (she's
sleeping away right now, on day #4 of her current site - before this, we
couldn't get 40 hours out of a site).  Our other "learning moment" was
realizing that she needs different carb-to-insulin ratios at different times
of day.  We couldn't get her mid-morning highs under control until we
realized that she needed 1:10 for breakfast, and 1:15 for the rest of the
day.  Simple point, but the CDE really never mentioned that there wasn't ONE

Good luck, write often.  I learned more from the other pumpers than my CDE
and endo put together.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom

<<We were originally planning on having Brian pumping in June, but we are
going on a vacation in mid-May that involves crossing a few time zones,
and going to theme parks, etc. I've been thinking it might be easier to
have Brian pumping before we go.  How much time should we allow ourselves to
be comfortably pumping
before we go?   We have some experience with the pump since my husband
began pumping in November.
I would love to hear from other parents re: some of
the hurdles that you had to overcome.  I guess I'm thinking about my
little 4 year old who loves to take 30 minute baths and then run around
naked for an hour.  I'm
also watching him do flips on our bed at night and seeing how him
wrestle wildly with his older brother, and I'm wondering how much of
this may have to change. >>

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