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Subject: [IP] Parents of Pumpers in School

Hi Darlene,
Sometimes I feel guilty because I haven't educated Jenna's teachers much at
all about the pump, but then again, she can do all the common things that
need done with it, so it's not a big deal.  She can silence an alarm, change
the batteries, calculate a bolus and a correction for a high, and program it
in.  Most anything that goes wrong beyond that, she needs to call me for
anyways.   (we did let a cartridge run out of insulin one day at school
-( oops!) If you don't practice something, you don't remember it, and the
teachers would have so little cause to practice the function of the pumps
with a 9 year old kid (or 10, as Jenna is), that I wouldn't trust them to
trouble shoot anything major even if they'd been taught.

So, what do I tell the teachers?   That the "rules" about what to do when
Jenna's sugar is low (let her test and eat), and high (go to the bathroom,
drink water) are the same.  That the pump stays attached to her all the
time.  To let her have a private place to check sites when needed.  And to
let her call me if she has a problem she doesn't know how to deal with.

Nancy Morgan, 5th grade Jenna's mom

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