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Subject: [IP] Potential new pumper

Hi Janice,
I'm grimacing as I read the hoops that you have to jump through to get a
better way of dealing with diabetes for your son.  Did you have to have a
psychological assessment to see if you could deal with the rigid
food-and-insulin schedule of MDI, or the roller coaster sugars, or did they
just tell you that was what you had to do?  The biggest thing you need for
the pump to be a success is a good pump trainer, a support group (IP does a
beautiful job for me, since I live in a small community and don't have a
"live" support group), and enough patience to work through the month or two
of start up, when you're learning more than you think your brain can hold!
The reward for that is that Paul's blood sugars will be easier to control,
he will get to eat what he wants, when he's hungry for it, and in general,
get to live life much more like a typical kid.

Preparing a child for the pump at 6 mostly involves a positive attitude from
parents.  Teens often worry about the aesthetics of the pump, but I doubt a
6 year old thinks of that much.  Each kid has something that bugs them the
most about being diabetic, and that's the angle to push the pump.  For my
daughter, it was the freedom from injections.  A friend who's six year old
recently started pumping said for him, it was the ability to eat a Krispy
Kreme donut.  And, reassure him from me that EMLA really does make the site
insertions painless.

My daughter Jenna's 2 year anniversary of DM is next week.  17 months of
that has been with a Disetronic pump, wouldn't go back to shots for
anything.  I can't understand why in the world the pump isn't first line
therapy for diabetes, because it's so much closer to how the body works,
than something that the endo's hold up as a "prize" for folks who are
willing to fight for it.

Nancy Morgan, 10 year-old Jenna's mom, who's not a bit militant about the
pump as the best option for kids :-)

<<am in process of trying to get a pump
for my son, Paul, 6, DX at 20 months.
..our endo is open to the idea. Our plan is
to meet with a psychologist and social worker so they can assess whether we
are ready. Then we will meet
with the endo and the CDE in late April. After that, the team will put their
heads together to determine whether we are good candidates.
I am interested in hearing from parents of other children who can share
insights, helpful information. I'm particularly interested in how you
prepared your child for all the pump involves -- good and bad points. We are
now reading "Pumping Insulin" and learning a lot from this list and the
We have told Paul all the pros and cons that we think are involved. The only
con to him was a needle in the stomach. We explained that we could use EMLA
and, at least for some setups, it would be a tube and not a needle.>>

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