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Re: [IP] glucose tabs humorous story

. He said he was
>hungry and wanted to know if he could have a couple. He said they were
>just like giant sweet-tarts. Well, needless to say, any time I work a spot
>call with Mike now, I bring a few extra tablets for him because he'll
>ask if I have any extra of those giant sweet-tarts.

My husband is the same way!  Anytime I get tabs out (rasberry or orange), he
always says "I think I'm a little low too" & has a few with me!  (The good
thing is, we both tend to carry a bottle, & he does make sure we are nowhere
near "empty!")  A couple of my senior boys at the high school a few years
ago knew what they tasted like (they had tried Grandma's) & used to beg me
to share when I'd get them out at afterschool rehearsal.  I told them that
they'd just have to bring their own...like those kids REALLY needed any
extra sugar in their systems - Yeesh!!


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