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[IP] 1 year anniversary pumping, & safari.

Hi Pumpers,
Today marks 1 year since pumping with my blue MiniMed 507C. Since being
on the pump I have only had 1 episode of real hypoglycemia when I just
'faded away' at a company meeting. Previous to that, this kind of thing
used to happen almost monthly!.
With the more normal blood sugars, I am getting more feelings before
'going under' with low BG's.
What a difference it has made to my life, and my self confidence has
improved immensely.
Feb 16th, I am headed to Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe) for a
3-week safari trip. I would NEVER have considered this kind of trip
possible with my problems before. I heard today that I can take a
'loaner pump'(a 506), for no charge (except accepting responsibility for
it whilst in my possession) to use as a 'back-up' pump, in case of pump
failure. To me, this beats going back to syringes and use of NPH and
Since being on the pump my HbA1C's have been running 6.1, 6.0, 6.5.
Pre-pump was 7.8.My doctor actually wants me to be above 6.5, and I
always correct to 150.!!
I'm still nervous about the trip (alone but with a group of 14 other
people, who I've never met) but I want to see all those animals!! Does
anyone have any useful hints for me?
I am so thankful for all the new technology  that has made 'living with
diabetes' so much easier.
I have learned so much from this group too. Thanks everyone!

Gill Gilbart
(d'x'd in 1966 at age 21)

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